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A will is a tool that allows you to pass on your possessions to benefit others,giving you control over what happens to your money,possessions and property after you die. This leaflet provides a brief guide to explain some of the key considerations, uses and benefits of making a will.

Providing for your loved ones.

Many people do not thoroughly plan for the future after they are gone and often assume their possessions will simply pass automatically to their spouse or children. Often people believe that their assets are too insignificant to need a formal arrangement or legal guidance.If you die without a will then intestacy rules apply in an arbitrary manner. The only certain way to ensure that your spouse, partner or relative inherits what you intend is by making a will.

It is important to make a will covering property owned in the UK and abroad separately . Property owned in another country may not be covered by your UK Will . It is therefore important to seek specialist advice in respect of your overseas property .

At present the intestacy rules do not recognise co-habitees who are unmarried and not in a Civil Partnership. Therefore, if you live with your partner and die without having made a will, your partner will not automatically inherit your estate. The estate will pass to your surviving family ( ie children,parents,brothers and sisters) and your partner will have to make a claim on the estate claiming financial dependence if appropriate.

A will can avoid distressing and expensive situations for your loved ones after you die.

RBM Solicitors Ltd will advise on the following aspects

  • Appointment of executors
  • Burial arrangements
  • The appointment of guardians
  • Passing on your assets
  • Trusts
  • What happens when someone dies
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney

Our fees for drafting a simple will are £150 plus VAT for a single will ,£200 plus VAT for a couple. Additional fees will be charged for advice on Trusts and complex wills with international property.

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