Permission to appeal to the Supreme Court has been granted by Lady Hale, Lord Sumption and Lord Carnworth in the landmark case of MM (Lebanon) &Ors vs Secretary of State for the Home Department.
The case concerns the Home Secretary’s controversial rules on family migration requiring that British Citizens or partners lawfully settled in the UK must show that they have an income of at least £18,600 p.a. with additional sums for each child before they can sponsor their foreign partners from outside the European Economic Area. The initial challenge was allowed in the High Court. The Home Office then appealed to the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal allowed the Secretary of State’s appeal on 11 July 2014
MM and all the interested parties applied for permission to appeal to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has today granted permission in this landmark case.
This decision to grant permission by the Supreme Court brings hope to the thousands of families that have been separated by this draconian law. Further details to follow on the hearing date.

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