David Cameron has made another announcement that sounds great and promises to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands. It sounds good and is great political rhetoric but will it really have an impact on net migration figures .

In the line of our work we come across many “Illegal Immigrants”. The new rules that the Conservative government are putting into place are not affecting net migration because the people that are being targeted are not the problem. The problem is the Legal Immigrants from the EU who are here lawfully and permitted to work. The EU migrants are the ones who are affecting the net migration figures.

What exactly is an Illegal Immigrant? Here are some of the very sad cases that we come across on a daily basis. Names and facts have been changed slightly to anonymise the examples. Real people caught up in an unfair and unjust system. People who never intended to become “illegal”.

X is a failed asylum seeker from Zimbabwe. The Home Office refused his asylum claim in 2002. He continued to live in the UK because there was a moratorium on removals to Zimbabwe. X’s wife left him due to the lengthy separation and now he is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He has lived in the UK for 13 years established ties in his community and has no family to return to in Zimbabwe. He works as a drivers mate so that he can support his elderly mother in Zimbabwe.

Or is it the Filipino woman B who was married to G who is a British Citizen. They lived in the Philipines for 10 years and when visiting the UK her husband had a stroke . They had to live in England as he was too ill to travel and unable to access the same quality of medical care in the Philipines .She is unable to get a spouse visa as her husband does not earn the minimum £18,600 or the requisite savings. B‘s human rights claim was refused. B cleans her friend’s houses to try and boost their meagre income.

These are the type of people that are being targeted by the Conservative Government Policies. The policies are missing the mark and affecting the most vulnerable and helpless people in our community.

The government is set to try and brush off embarrassing net migration figures by announcing details of a new immigration bill to be included in the Queen’s speech, which will propose a new criminal offence of illegal working that will allow police to seize the wages of anyone employed unlawfully.
“If you have uncontrolled immigration, you have uncontrolled pressure on public services”
David Cameron
It is correct that uncontrolled immigration brings uncontrolled pressure on public services but the problem is not those who are already here living in the shadows. It is those in Europe who can continue to cross the borders unchecked. The Conservatives need to revise their policies in respect of EU migrants rather than continuing to make the lives of those on the fringes of society more difficult.

If you or anyone that you know is likely to be affected by the new measures contact us for legal advice . Act quickly . Call on 02476520999 or email

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