Muchada Bvunzawabaya is a level 1 Accredited Immigration Advisor under the asylum
and accreditation scheme. He has a wealth of experience in various immigration, asylum and nationality applications.

He has conducted himself professionally and diligently in representing clients from
various countries with wide ranging immigration and asylum issues such as: entry
clearance, discretionary leave to remain, settlement, EEA, Points-Based System
Tiers 1, 2 & 4, applications.

Muchada has assisted a Philippine national, aged 22 with his application for indefinite
leave to remain as an adult dependent of his parents. He was able to show that
although he was considered to be an adult there were compassionate and compelling
circumstances and that he was still financially dependent on his parents.

Muchada also specialises in effectively representing clients that have been issued with
removal directions or detained in Immigration Removal Centres. He has assisted a Nigerian
National who was detained and was liable for removal from the United Kingdom.
Muchada was able to get him released from the detention centre by making effective and
persuasive representations to the Chief Immigration Officer that resulted in him
being granted discretionary leave to remain on the basis of his right to family life
with his child and partner.

Another complex case which Muchada has dealt with involved a Zimbabwean lady,
where there was a dispute in nationality. She had entered the UK with a South African
passport, upon being detained she and issued with removal directions to South Africa.
Muchada was able to apply for an injunction to stop the removal directions and successfully
applied for bail resulting in the client being released.

Muchada has an ongoing interest in the success of RBM Solicitors as he manages the
Practice with his wife Rumbi who is the Sole Principal. Muchada is a devoted Christian
who attends Renewal Christian Centre in Solihull. He enjoys playing basketball and
spending quality time with his three children.