• Company A
    Satisfied with the professional service!
         We are extremely grateful for RBM Solicitors’ unquestionable expertise in dealing with a complex Tier 2 application for one of our staff. RBM Solicitors showed great depth and knowledge of the immigration rules to ensure that our staff was able to come to the UK in time to work on a vitally important project for our client..
  • Company B
    Pleased and will definitely recommend
    RBM Solicitors consultancy services kept us abreast with the ever changing immigration rules, ensuring that we meet compliance requirements that suitable met our business needs..
  • Company C
    Pleasure working with the RBM Team
    RBM Solicitors exhibited good awareness of our commercial needs and worked professionally with us to bring the required staff we needed..
  • Reunited after such a long time!
         “Thank you for bringing my son over after such a long time. You do not know how much it means to be reunited with him after such a long time Well done and keep on doing the great work you do in transforming people’s lives.”.
    Oluwa A, December 2008
  • Externally grateful!
         After struggling ourselves with the immigration paperwork only to find it overwhelming we were relived to instruct your firm. Thank you for taking this burden off us, we are eternally grateful that it's all worked out well..
    Zhan W, January 2014
  • Words fails to express my gratitude!
         Words fail to express our sincere gratitude for the fortitude shown in dealing with our complex appeal case. We were in desire and had lost all hope, however you tirelessly fought for our appeal to be allowed, Thank you”.
    Tendai P, December 2012
  • Expert help at the right time!
         It was a devastating prospect to think that I would be separated from my husband and he would have to return to his home country. We cannot image where we would be if you had not stepped into our lives at the right time. Eternally grateful..
    Jane D, February 2015
  • Standing with our family throughout all our applications!
         “Thank you so much for standing with our family throughout all our applications. Your team was dependable and did a brilliant job starting with getting my settlement application granted in the UK continuing to a successful entry clearance application for my family to join me. We are reunited as a family happily living together as British Citizen. .
    Steven T, February 2009