Our practice includes, but is not limited to, applications and/or appeals in the following areas of immigration and nationality law:

  • -Nationality
  • -Registration of children as British Citizens
  • -Asylum, including fresh claims and exceptionally complex cases
  • -Human Rights
  • -Control Orders
  • -Tier 1
  • -Tier 2 Application
  • -Tier 4 Student Applications
  • -Marriage / Family cases
  • -Students
  • -Visitors
  • -Dependent relatives, for example elderly parents
  • -EEA nationals – residence permits and dependent family members
  • -Family reunion
  • -Domestic violence applications for those whose marriages have broken down in the probationary period


We undertake work that is privately funded. Our rates are very competitive, and compare favourably
with other firms. We charge an initial consultation fee of £100.

We also undertake work that is publicly funded by the Legal Services Commission at all levels, from
initial application to the Home Office, through to appeals to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal
and the Higher Courts, and applications for Judicial Review..